My interest in decoration started a long time ago, when as a child, visiting relatives, I was always dreaming on how I would redecorate their interiors ! It also confirmed itself when I would spend my afternoons at my uncle's huge hardware store, studying wallpaper, carpet or paint catalogues with the utmost delight, while other girls my age, would concentrate on fashion magazines... Well, I did enjoy Vogue too !

So, I'm not afraid to say that I'm in love with colors. Whatever their intensity, tone, texture, depth, they speak to me, and this on going conversation we've been having for decades, makes me truly happy. All colors are beautiful, and they vibrate with each space, location, light, time, personality. Being close to many artists and having worked with great people such as Jacques Garcia or Armand Hadida for l'Eclaireur, among others, it surely is obvious to me that colors make life joyful, beautiful, and fascinating. So let's rejoice and enjoy !



Photography - Léo Paul Ridet

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Jade Simon - Condé Nast Publications

And my family and friends for their unfailing support,
trust & love.